Il s’avère que la formation d’ingénieurs dans les grandes écoles françaises n‘est souvent pas connue à l’international. Donc les candidatures des diplômés ECL sont parfois sous-estimées. C‘est pour cette raison que nous proposons le texte suivant à joindre dans le dossier de candidature pour que les responsables RH à l’international comprennent mieux le haut niveau du diplôme ECL.


Ecole Centrale de Lyon has a long and prestigious tradition of engineering training in France. It is one of the TOP 5 of the best French Grandes Ecoles (about 330 students per year).

Only secondary school graduates with a fast comprehension and a high level of abstraction pass the two to three year admission process.

Engineering studies have a generalist orientation: in addition to the classic subjects of mathematics and physics, students acquire in-depth knowledge in all areas of engineering and computer science, complemented by economic and social studies. This broad knowledge base is combined with an efficient and systemic method of working and organisation.

Graduates of the ECL are destined to succeed in demanding careers as technical or managerial managers in all branches of the economy as well as in research and administration. Ecole Centrale de Lyon has also been a pioneer in establishing international double degree programmes, notably with renowned German universities such as TU Darmstadt and TU Munich.

The close collaboration of alumni encourages informal exchanges between industries and regularly offers interesting opportunities for further education.